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    Current development release: v0.93
    Current stable release: v0.81 (+ 1 patch)

    One of the big benefits of open source software is the breadth of support options available, most for free. LANdb is a project by a community, supported by that same community. Once installed (that's the hard part), you should expect very few problems with the software. However, issues seem to come up at the strangest places.

    If you find yourself with an unanswered question, first check the documentation, and then direct your questions to:

    • The LANdb-Support mailing list: Ask [any] questions, get answers.
    • The LANdb Development mailing list: This generally isn't a place to "get help," but if you think you've come across a bug or other problem with the software, don't hesitate to look here for an answer.
    • Email me! Getting your questions and comments is essential to making LANdb better. Ask anything, rant as much as you want. And hey, it's ok to send "good" comments too. :) I look forward to hearing from you.
    • Most will prefer prefer the more traditional approach of emailing me to get in touch with me directly, but if you'd like to have more of a converstaion, feel free to reach me through ICQ. My UIN is 3062250. Sorry, I don't use AIM.