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    Current development release: v0.93
    Current stable release: v0.81 (+ 1 patch)

    9/14/2000 Word from the new guy Hello, all, this Frank making my first post to the news page. For now I'll be concentrating on bug fixes and any cleanup patches, so if you have anything along those lines, send 'em my way and I'll check them out. Soon I'll send out word that the next devel version will be starting up, so start putting together any big ideas, and we'll see what happens!

    7/4/2000 Version 0.91.2 released! The long-awaited fix for the installer is out. See the goodies in the download section for more info.

    6/23/2000 Status update Based on several complaints/requests, it seems that my top priority needs to be working on the install script, which apparently doesn't work for a lot of people. I'm planning on completely rewriting it. Once that's out of the way, I'll pick up on the normal devel track again.

    6/16/2000 Finally... The network issues with GTE have been worked out, and things should be working much better now. And now that school's done with for the summer, I oughta have plenty of time to work on picking up development again. Netpedia.net seems to have endless troubles, so I'm moving the screenshots off of that mirror and onto the local site for now. Another mirror oughta be popping up soon anyway.

    3/31/2000 Problems installing? Some installs seem to be failing, while others seem to do fine. If you're performing a fresh install (i.e., not an upgrade), things seem to go better. The problem comes down to the 1500-line install script, which is next to impossible to maintain with any reliability. If you're having problems, hang in there for a couple days: I'm going to release v0.91.2 with a new installer/new set of install scripts that will make the process easier.

    3/30/2000 Version 0.91.1 released! There are a few problems with today's release of v0.91, all known problems are fixed in v0.91.1.

    3/30/2000 Version 0.91 released! Tons of changes have gone into this release, greatly increasing the usablility of the application. One of the most notable of these is the addition of a Host Manager, a much-requested feature (see the FRF), and a complete rewrite of the Attributes System, allowing you to better customize your installation of LANdb. Port trunking is now supported! Read the CHANGES.

    3/28/2000 Problem in v0.90.2 A problem was brought to my attention on the devel list a couple days ago, and it seems to be causing problems for some. The media table was altered for v0.90.2, but install.pl doesn't make the change if you do a fresh install, and the change isn't noted in nis1.txt Upgrade installs work fine. If you performed a fresh install, login to mysql as admin or superuser and run: "ALTER TABLE media ADD duplex char(10);" to fix the problem. I'd release v0.90.3 to fix this, but it's fixed in v0.91, which will be out by the end of the week.

    3/18/2000 Mailing list archives now available. All three LANdb mailing lists are now archived here.

    3/15/2000 Version 0.90.2 released! This release fixes a few stray bugs from .90.1, and adds a few usability features.

    3/9/2000 Version 0.90.1 released! This is a pretty heavy bugfix release of v0.90. All users of v0.90 are encouraged to upgrade. A list of the fixes can be found in the CHANGES file.

    3/1/2000 Version 0.90 released! Version 0.90 is out, and lots of new features are in it: complete user management, login tracking, a higher-performance schema, are just a few. A nearly complete rewrite of the application was done, and a great deal more functionality is (and more will be) available.

    2/20/2000 LANdb CVS! We now have a CVS repository at Sourceforge.net. Set your CVSROOT to :pserver:anonymous@cvs.landb.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/landb. I'll still maintain the semi-nightly builds in /download/current though, if you'd rather not go the CVS route.

    2/7/2000 0.9x Update LOTS of work has been going into the changes and new features for the .9x series of releases. v0.9x will be development releases, for testing and development of new features. v0.90 should be out (hopefully) by the end of the week, so check back soon. In progress: A new database schema, User manager, Login cookie/ID system, better VLAN support, SNMP, a system logging system, and a near complete re-write of much of the code.

    2/4/2000 LANdb Logo Contest Decided! The logo above (by Neil Blackburn) is the winner. It's now the "official" logo of the project. Congrats, Neil.

    1/27/2000 New mailing lists! To better help people use LANdb more effectively, two new lists have been added: One is designed for General Support, and the other is an announce-only list for News and Events, etc. See the Mailing Lists section for more info.

    1/24/2000 LANdb HOWTO Matt Fuqua has put together the first LANdb HOWTO. It's really well done, and certainly the most comprehensive piece of documentation we have so far. Head over and have a look, and send him, me, or the mailing list your comments.

    1/20/2000 Bug in Add Switch. This is actually not a v0.81 bug: it affects all versions of LANdb. Problem: if you add two switches with the same IP address, the second isn't correctly added to the database. To fix the problem, download the patch here, or just not add more than one switch with the same IP. All LANdb users are suggested to upgrade to v0.81, and apply this patch.

    1/19/2000 Version 0.81 released! This version contains some minor fixes and tweaks. It is a recommended upgrade, but if you've patched the problems discussed below, you shouldn't have any major problems. Read CHANGES for more info.