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    Current development release: v0.93
    Current stable release: v0.81 (+ 1 patch)

    Proposed Schema for v1.1
    Visio Version
    Schema Explanation
    Browse the download area (source only)
    DBI-1.13.tar.gz - The DBI Perl module, required for all versions
    MySQL Modules - The MySQL Perl module, required for all versions
    MD5-1.7.tar.gz - The MD5 Perl module, required for all v0.9x installs, as well as v1.0.
    Current, bleeding-edge source - Recommended for developers only, updated somewhat nightly.
    README - General Information (Slightly outdated. Contributions?)
    CHANGES - Changelog
    TODO - TODO list: see what changes are already planned
    - Release notes: what's special about this version?
    INSTALL - Help on installation
    BUGS - List of known bugs (stable version)
    FRF - Frequently Requested Features. Check here before making a feature request
    MySQL Dump file for NIS - The v0.8x database schema
    The GNU GPL - The license under which LANdb is released

    CVS: The LANdb CVS repository is hosted by SourceForge. The module name is 'cgi-bin'. Set your CVSROOT to :pserver:anonymous@cvs.landb.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/landb if you're interested in getting the latest code from the project. This is read-only, of course. If you'd like to help develop, please email the maintainer.