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  • Credits & Current Work

    Current development release: v0.93
    Current stable release: v0.81 (+ 1 patch)

    I'd like to thank everyone that's been a part of LANdb, for all of your contributions and help. The following is a list of people who contributed a great deal to the project, and what they're a part of. If you'd like to contribute to the project, please see the Contribute section. If you feel that you should be on this page, but you're not, please email me so I can remedy the situation.

  • Frank Sweetser: Performance-increasing help, including a lot of the work (big patches) that went into the move to LANdb.pm (the API). Dropped in a lot of pod documentation for the module. Ported csv-building.pl to the v0.9x DB schema.
  • Leif Sawyer: Work with ports to Oracle (soon to come), general SQL and Perl help, including several patches.
  • Teddy Grenman: More code and DB suggestions, as well as a great deal of technical info on networking in general.
  • Dale Carder: Quite a few contributions to the LANdb API, contributed csv-closet.pl, one of the CSV-conversion scripts.
  • Matt Fuqua: contributed the LANdb HOWTO, one of the most comprehensive pieces of documentation for the project.
  • Sean Walberg: contributed the new database schema, which is currently running in v0.9x, and will go live for v1.0.
  • Neil Blackburn: Winner of the LANdb Logo Contest

    Current Work
    This is a list of stuff currently going on as far as development is concerned, and should help avoid duplication of effort.

  • Teddy Grenman and Dale Carder are working on the SNMP code, which will be merged very soon.
  • Matt Fuqua is continuing work on the LANdb HOWTO
    -I'm working on the other big areas of devel for v0.9x, including user management, session management, the new schema, UI work, misc stuff.