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    Current development release: v0.93
    Current stable release: v0.81 (+ 1 patch)

    LANdb is an open source project, and as such, it relies heavily on help from the community. This is also its strength, and one of the strengths of open source software in general. We're depending on your comments, rants, suggestions, and patches to make the project better. We encourage users to join the development and support mailing lists to provide feedback on what sorts of features they'd like implemented, and what things need to be improved.

    Contributions are accepted across the board, from code to documentation. If you'd like to contribute, please do join the development mailing list, and start dropping your comments and suggestions in. If you'd like to help out, but aren't a programmer, that's fine too- just email the current maintainer with your ideas.

    Things that need to be worked on:

    • Customer "testimonials": We'd like to hear what you've done with LANdb, how you've implemented it, and how it's made managing your network easier. Drop us a line on the mailing lists or email the maintainer directly.
    • Documentation: Documentation is something that a project like this needs a lot of, and unfortunately, we've got too little of.
    • Feature requests: That's right, you can help simply by requesting that something be added/fixed/changed. Check with the FRF first, though.