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  • Introduction

    Current development release: v0.93
    Current stable release: v0.81 (+ 1 patch)

    LANdb: The Network Management Database

    LANdb provides network managers a means of cataloging all connections, closets, and network hardware on a network. It uses MySQL, Perl, and DBI to provide a fast and efficient web-based frontend to a complete network management package. LANdb is distributed under the GPL, and is available for download from this site.

    The project is fairly new, and under heavy development. The current release (0.81) is useable, reliable, and workable for most installations, but keep in mind that many planned features haven't even made it to the "stable" source tree yet. We'll maintain a familiar development model: odd-numbered releases are for development code, even-numbered for stable releases. Keep in mind that although the development series releases are considered 'unstable,' they're generally quite usable, and provide you with more usability and features than older code.

    Implemented features:

    • Tracking of Jacks by number
    • Tracking of Ports, Port Status, and attached media
    • Tracking of Switches by name, closet, and IP
    • Tracking of buildings
    • Listing of buildings
    • Listing of switches
    • Listing of closets
    • Adding of buildings, closets, and switches on the fly
    • Support for Multiple users with varying privileges
    • VLAN / Subnet record keeping, melding with switches on a per-port basis
    • An installation script to ease the install process
    • Script to convert data from Comma-Separated-Values files (spreadsheets) to the database
    • Customizable database objects
    • Search by a number of parameters, quickly and efficiently
    • Sort search results by column headers
    • Support for remote database hosts: the database and scripts can reside on different machines.
    • Keep all network data organized in one location, easily accessible from any web-enabled computer

    Features on the way (mostly in the .9x series):

    • Increased support for varying types of network hardware
    • SNMP Modules for direct communication with SNMP capable network hardware to allow automatic configuration of hardware, as well as automatic updating of key parts of the database. - In progress!
    • A user manager, to allow you to give and revoke privliges at will
    • A host manager
    • Tracked/expired logins
    • Support for varying types of jacks and varying network sanity situations
    • Support for different types of ports (trunking/non-trunking, etc)
    • More varied attribute support

    LANdb's growth and development depends on the contributions and suggestions of network engineers and administrators from all over the world. All it takes is an email to add your suggestions to the TODO. Email your suggestions for new features and improvements to fes@users.sourceforge.net, or join the LANdb mailing list by sending email to landb-request@avenir.dhs.org with subscribe in the subject or body of the message.